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Friday, 05 February 2021 17:58

Illegal Profilings: One year of Silences

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It has been a year since Semana Magazine revealed that the Army used its intelligence resources to surveil and profile more than thirty national and international journalists. The folders contained personal, work, family, friends, and colleagues data. After the report of Semana, we came to know on other fourteen cases at FLIP. Despite the stir the news caused, today is little we know about the contents of those folders.


In addition, there is a lack of consensus between the Attorney General’s Office and the Office of the Prosecutor on the list and the number of persons included, since the former identified 29 persons and the members of four organizations and one media outlet as victims; while the Office of the Prosecutor assured that only twenty people had been the victims. Nor is it known what the filing of charges were made by the Attorney General's Office toward the thirteen military personnel who would have made illegal use of the Army's computer intelligence to carry out these surveillance.


At FLIP, we had access to the testimonies of some of the journalists who were victims of these illegal profiling, to know the individual and collective impact that these actions of intimidation and stigmatization generated on journalistic work.


Find out what is known about this case on page 9 of Páginas para la libertad de expresión PDF. You can view or dowload here.

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